Co-create a More Just and Equitable Economy with Social Enterprise Alliance!

This has been a year of dramatic changes for us here at Social Enterprise Alliance, as it has been for so many others around the world. Even before COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, the Alliance had challenges. The funds to operate our National Office had dried up, and all of our 16 local chapters were in danger of being disbanded. 

In the midst of the pandemic, a coalition of 40 social enterprise leaders from across the United States emerged to foster greater and more impactful collaboration nationwide and with our global peers — with a firm intention of strengthening our Alliance.

We’re on our way to building a new model of grassroots organizing with revenue streams to support our national platform, local movement-building, individuals and their enterprises for a new economy centered on justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and regenerative practices.

But we cannot do it without you.

We are raising $50,000 on StartSomeGood to kick off SEA 3.0 and ensure that our nonprofit Alliance has the resources necessary to support social enterprises to succeed.

Help Social Enterprise Alliance co-create a more just and equitable economy through our live fundraising campaign. Donate today and pick up some amazing perks from SEA Members!

Social enterprises use the power of the marketplace and technology for social justice. Under the leadership of those most impacted by inequity, they can transform structures of oppression into tools for liberation.

Your generosity can help social enterprises make an impact in their community.

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