Dog Treats for Bright Futures

Finley’s is a premium, all-natural pet brand bringing inclusion to the pet industry through employment and giving initiatives.

In 2016, former special education teachers Angie and Kyle Gallus saw the opportunity to truly make a difference through employment opportunities and decided to serve a greater purpose through their pets. And thus, Finley’s, named after their resilient rescue pup and CTO (Chief Treat Officer), was born. What started as a classroom concept quickly grew to shipping their first pallet out of their garage in a blizzard. Today, with the industry’s most trusted manufacturing, distribution, and retail partners behind them, Finley’s has grown into a full-scale operation working to make inclusion a priority across the country.

Finley’s aims to combat the 80% unemployment rate for people with disabilities by creating their all-natural, superfood-filled dog treats. This mission lives in their dedication of 50% of net profits to initiatives providing skills training, paid work experiences and a path to independence for individuals with disabilities.

Since 2016, Finley’s has created over 7,000 hours of above minimum wage employment, engaging and empowering individuals with special abilities to work toward greater independence. The organization has helped with transportation, job coaching and vocational training in the disability community. Kyle and Angie were also given the opportunity to present to Target Corporation leadership teams and advocate for inclusive hiring practices within the workplace. Through this advocacy work, Finley’s has engaged regional retailers in the pet industry to expand hiring practices to include those with disabilities, leading to hiring those with disabilities in Minnesota and Colorado.

Jason, a Finley’s employee, is an example of Finley’s success. On January 2nd, 1999, Jason was involved in a bad car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury, which left him in a coma for 3 weeks. Though he suffers from short term memory loss, Jason loves animals and can remember the slightest details about them. This, and his desire to work in a job that will help him reach his goal of working with animals, made Jason the perfect fit for Finley’s. Now, Jason is working hard to save money so that he can go back to school, get his driver’s license and eventually become a veterinarian technician or a zookeeper. Finley’s is very proud to be a stepping stone for Jason as he works towards economic independence. 

Finley’s joined Social Enterprise Alliance in 2018, knowing that their mission to empower the lives of people with special abilities aligned with the vision, beliefs, and goals of SEA. They value the collaboration and partnerships they have been able to develop and look forward to future opportunities to meet new SEA members. Their treats are available at specialty pet retailers, on Amazon, Chewy and their website:

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