Transforming Employment Obstacles to Opportunities

Print & Stitch is a custom silkscreen and embroidery business staffed in part by individuals with disabilities. Print & Stitch is owned and operated by its parent nonprofit organization, Premier Alliances, Inc.

Premier Alliances, Inc. began as a classroom and was founded in 1962 in Bisbee, Arizona by a group of parents who were dissatisfied with the educational opportunities available to children with disabilities. Through their determination, Premier Alliances evolved over the decades from a one-room classroom in the basement of the local YWCA, to vocational training for young adults with disabilities, to residential services and employment in providing park maintenance for the City of Bisbee. All this was in service of their mission: Improving the Lives of People with Disabilities.

Today, Premier Alliances regularly employees dozens of individuals with additional needs in rural Arizona to fulfill federal contracts for grounds maintenance and janitorial services, as well as through their custom silkscreen and embroidery business Print & Stitch, where they produce custom t-shirts, uniforms, hats, totes and more. An overwhelming majority of their workforce are people with additional needs. Where these individuals would traditionally find employment opportunities riddled with obstacles, Premier Alliances and Print & Stitch work with them in a supportive environment, making accommodations when appropriate and pay them a living wage with benefits. Through their Education and Conference Center, they also host a number of local service organizations, nonprofits and local government for educational and networking opportunities.

Throughout the years, individual employees have been able to reach a new level of independence thanks to the opportunities that come with steady, gainful employment. With the help of their Education Program Specialist, employees are provided one-on-one assistance with things like creating a budget, computer literacy and how to avoid being scammed online. Cross-training opportunities in different employment areas further help their employees to develop skill sets they can use in both their everyday life and in future employment.

Print & Stitch, which is owned and operated by Premier Alliances, Inc., is a nonprofit like its parent organization. They joined the Social Enterprise Alliances in July 2019 because they believed their mission of Improving the Lives of People with Disabilities directly aligns with the goals, objectives and spirit of the organization and because they know the power of collaboration and partnerships when it comes to achieving these ends. Print & Stitch looks forward to future opportunities to partner and collaborate with other SEA members in working towards shared goals.

To learn more about Print & Stitch, check out their member directory profile.

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