Live Theatre as a Means of Social Change

The National Theatre for Children (NTC) is an innovative theatre company that delivers engaging educational programs for K-12 students, teaching valuable life skills on health and wellness, energy conservation, financial literacy and more.

The company began as Small Change Original Theatre in 1978, inspired by the belief that live theatre is a powerful way to educate children in partnership with the community. By inspiring students with live theatrical programs, print materials, online activities, interactive classroom games and other educational tools, NTC encourages them to embrace positive behavior change and spread that influence in ways that traditional marketing cannot.

As a key part of their content development, NTC partners with businesses in the community. Northern States Power was the first client to recognize the lasting impacts of theatrical outreach in schools, enlisting NTC to teach energy conservation and safety to elementary students in the Midwest. 

Today, NTC works with a large variety of focus areas across the US, like financial literacy on behalf of government organizations, like the Iowa Insurance Division, and corporations, like Bank of the West. They’ve delivered valuable STEM education in partnership with Best Buy and Arizona Public Service, and have worked with California American Water, the Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities and others to teach children about water conservation and pollution prevention. Other subjects have included civic engagement, emergency preparedness, anti-bullying awareness, nutrition and exercise. 

NTC has remained impactful by adapting to rapid changes in numerous industries. They anticipate adding programming on current topics like electric vehicles, anti-opioid education, character building and other subjects at the forefront of the diverse fields in which they advocate for positive change.

The lessons NTC teaches are applicable at every life stage. By delivering messages that appeal to the hearts and minds of children, NTC encourages them to share those lessons with their parents and others in the community, inspiring new generations of mindful individuals.

NTC’s in-school programs have influenced millions of kids (as well as their families) to make improvements in their lives and communities. Evaluation surveys, pre-and-post testing and teacher testimonials have detailed the far-reaching impacts they’ve had. In the 2018-19 school year alone, NTC reached 998,211 students and 57,393 teachers in 3,042 schools. Their newest program, Voice Your Vote, was presented without a corporate sponsor as part of NTC’s social responsibility initiative. Voice Your Vote taught 1,934 elementary students the importance of voting and democracy and received prominent local news coverage (online and televised).

NTC joined Social Enterprise Alliance in November 2019 as a way to connect with corporate sponsors and entrepreneurs that want to make a positive difference among families and communities. They look forward to connecting with organizations, customers and citizens to inspire behavior change that truly makes a difference.

To learn more about The National Theatre for Children, Inc., check out their member directory profile.

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