Conscious Living Begins at a Young Age

For Purpose Kids is an early childhood education enterprise that teaches young children how to do good and give back to their communities through engaging and exciting “toolkit” packages.

When Misty Castaneda became a mother, she knew she wanted her son to grow up in a kind and compassionate world. After watching a video on Facebook of a six-year-old boy named Dane, who used his artistic skills to “do good” for others in his community, Misty started imagining how different the world might look if parents consciously raised kids to be more like him. This led Misty to create For Purpose Kids, which began as curated Toolkits designed to teach kids ages 5-10 years about being kind & doing good for others, animals and the planet in a fun and engaging way using 5 multicultural characters.  

With a background in early childhood education, Misty not only understood the benefits of planting seeds of kindness and compassion at a young age but also believed that being an example for children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.  As a passionate global citizen who has traveled, lived and volunteered around the world, she was also aware of the amazing things that can happen when we learn about other people around the world. Misty notes that “as we listen to each others’ stories, we come to understand that we are all much more connected and alike than we are different, regardless of borders, cultures, colors and religions.”

Now, For Purpose Kids is expanding their vision to create a community “Where Conversations That Matter, Begin” by delivering products & experiences to help start kid-friendly conversations to inspire the next generation of global citizens. In addition to their signature Toolkits, they have expanded their product line to include the Color Me Kind Package (with Kindness Cards and the Color Me Kind Tee) for younger kids and are launching the For Purpose Kids Book Club in January 2020. This new bi-monthly book club will include:

  • A thoughtfully selected children’s book, about a specific topic (some examples include gender equality, access to education, bullying & gun violence, LGBTQ+ communities, climate change)
  • Conversation starters to connect you and your family to the featured book.  
  • Highlight of a real-life “For Purpose Kid” doing amazing things in the world.
  • An age appropriate, fun DIY activity, created by For Purpose Kids. Each product has a “give back” component, so in addition to their mission of inspiring the next generation of global citizens, For Purpose Kids believes in the importance of leading by example.  They are planning to expand their give back program in 2020 to be able to support a variety of organizations doing good for others, animals and the environment.

Another aspect of For Purpose Kids’ work is the community they create with their parents and children. Recently, Misty received a photo from a family in the FPK community that had created a “give back” option in lieu of birthday party favors for her son’s 8th birthday.  She and her son discussed four charities he wanted to support and asked the kids that attended the party which charity they would like to have $10 donated to in their name. It sparked a conversation, not only for this family, but for all of the kids that attended the party as well. This is what gives Misty hope for the future: “If we can begin having these conversations with our kids at this age, think of the changes we would see as they continue to grow.”

For Purpose Kids joined SEA in 2017 to connect with and learn from other social enterprises that had come before.  As someone with a heart for doing good and experience in the corporate world, Misty wanted to understand how to combine these two things to build a sustainable business that would impact the world in a positive way. To support her work, shop For Purpose Kids’ products in the Kids shop of our Holiday Gift Guide.

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