Social Enterprise Alliance presents the Marketplace Webinar series.

This series will explore the growing landscape of conscious online marketplaces and equip social enterprises with the knowledge and tools they need to access these markets and sell their products. Many social enterprises only sell on their own websites, thereby missing out on opportunities for expansion of their audience and profits. And as a social enterprise, when your profits increase, so does your capacity to affect greater change.

Marketplace 101: The Landscape and Potential

Tuesday, July 16th | 2pm CT 

$35 | FREE for SEA & REDFworkshop members

Are you ready to leverage the growing conscious consumer movement to grow your social enterprise? Marketplace 101: The Landscape and Potential is a broad overview of various e-commerce social enterprise marketplaces, featuring insights from the organizations that sell there. We’ll discuss the power of e-commerce platforms, the benefits of increased exposure and sales and how you can begin to assess which marketplace is right for your product.

Join us on July 16th at 2pm CT and hear from Bright Endeavors’ Allie Sundet, Women’s Bean Project’s Kelly Bell and Kozm’s Derek Sabori. This is the first installment of the Marketplace Webinar Series is powered by REDFworkshop and Social Enterprise Alliance.

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