Socially Conscious Snacks Create Economic Empowerment

Peaceful Fruits employs adults with disabilities to produce socially conscious snacks made from sustainably sourced fruit.

The seed for Peaceful Fruits was planted when founder Evan Delahanty worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the rainforest interior of Suriname in South America. In his two years of living in Suriname, he learned the value of respectful economic empowerment that meets people where they are and helps create opportunity for them to protect their way of life. When he returned home to Ohio, it was vital to him that he maintain his connection to this mission, the people he encountered and the Amazon itself.

To this end, Evan began working with wild harvested acai and turning it into healthy and delicious fruit snacks. And thus, Peaceful Fruits was born.

Today, Evan and his team are dedicated to creating social good in every aspect of their business and helping consumers make a difference during snack time. For Peaceful Fruits, that starts with the ingredients. First, in a world full of processed foods and long lists of hard-to-pronounce additives, their snacks are made using only fruit. Second, they make sure that their fruit is ethically and sustainably sourced to ensure that every person in their supply chain earns a living wage in a healthy environment. Finally, Peaceful Fruits employs over 30 adults with disabilities in full wage jobs to make their products.  

It is Peaceful Fruits’ intention to change the conversation around what is considered valuable in our society. They don’t just sell a snack, they sell a story – one in which the consumer is the hero by helping to make a difference in the Amazon Rainforest and in the lives of adults with disabilities. That’s why Peaceful Fruits is a for-profit business focused on growing into a sustainable, profitable company that can partner with larger corporations to show that it’s possible to make money while doing the right thing.

To learn more about Peaceful Fruits LLC, check out their member directory profile.

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