Ending Homelessness & Building Bright Futures through Baking

Danconias Truffle Brownies is a Colorado based social enterprise that bakes and delivers delectable, high quality treats handcrafted by persons experiencing homelessness.

Founder Khaki Fox started Danconias with a simple idea: a gift box of truffle brownies. But there was a greater goal in mind. These brownies would encapsulate the power of giving and receiving by becoming a gift that spreads the love multilaterally. When one gives a box of Danconias brownies, whether to a friend or a client or a coworker, the phrase “giving is better than receiving” rings true.

That is because each purchase of their truffle brownies provides a job opportunity at Community Table Kitchen, Danconias’ local nonprofit partner. According to Close to Home, 43% of Denver area residents have a family member or friend that has been homeless. Community Table Kitchen equips these individuals as they transition out of homelessness through job training, resources and housing. Their Ready to Work program, the only one of its kind in Colorado, has a 75% graduation rate.

Community Table Kitchen equips these individuals as they transition out of homelessness through job training, resources and housing.

Danconias is a key part of the program, as they employ the men and women to create and craft exquisite truffle brownies under the excellent guidance and instruction of Community Table Kitchen’s knowledgeable staff. So, every time someone purchases a box of Danconias, they are providing meaningful work to the people in need of it most. With each box, Danconias’ mission, and their customers’ generosity, spreads further across communities. Danconias creates a ripple effect as the act of giving creates good for each individual involved in the process. Danconias believes there are three true “receivers,” each of whom is rewarded in a different way. As in any gift-giving scenario, the gift giver and receiver of the gift are both impacted by the interaction. But now, the person creating the gift is positively affected as well, as Danconias joins forces with them to fight homelessness.

Currently, Danconias is continuing to grow their truffle brownie business through the development of new flavors and product lines that would ultimately employ more Ready to Work trainees. Community Table Kitchen has been growing alongside them, even scaling based on Danconias’ needs. For example, a second Ready to Work home just opened in Aurora, Colorado. This former office building has been converted into a dormitory with the capacity to house 50 Ready to Work trainees. This approach to ending homelessness has provided a workforce for Danconias and, more importantly, a fresh start for individuals facing barriers to employment.

To learn more about Danconias Truffle Brownies LLC, check out their member directory profile.

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