Maternity Clothing Just Got a Fashionable (& Ethical) Facelift

BellaNove is a company that provides expectant mothers with access to quality and sophisticated maternity wear that empowers them to have a career and start a family while reducing the impact of fast fashion and waste on our environment.


BellaNove – translated to “Beautiful Nine” in Italian – began as founder Jenny Leung’s MBA capstone project. After having spent several years in corporate America, Jenny witnessed the challenges her female colleagues faced as they tried to balance the advancement of their careers while starting a family. What started as a solution for working moms-to-be who were growing out of their clothes, soon evolved into two much greater missions: to empower women who wanted to have a career while also starting a family and to introduce a business model that reduces waste and protects the planet for our future generations.


BellaNove’s subscription based business model allows women to select and return clothing every month, ensuring that they have a full wardrobe for every stage of their pregnancy. BellaNove’s guaranteed fit algorithm removes any of the sizing guesswork.


Not only are there many physical and psychological changes that come with pregnancy, but many expectant mothers also deal with challenges in the workplace. In fact, many women don’t inform their employers of their pregnancy out of fear that it will affect their chances of promotion or the quality of the projects they’re staffed on. In addition, career women who worked hard to build a professional image through their attire face the added difficulty of finding sophisticated clothing for each stage of pregnancy. Maternity apparel is expensive and only fits for a few months at most. This makes maintaining a professional image throughout pregnancy an uphill battle for most women.


The current clothing marketplace for working moms-to-be pushes many of them to buy cheap and low-quality maternity wear that they’ll eventually throw away. Environmentally, fashion is one of the highest polluting industry after oil, with over 15 tons of textiles thrown to landfills every year by Americans alone (The Balance Small Business, 2018). If an expectant mother desires to shop ethically, she’ll need to invest a lot of time and money finding work-appropriate clothing that she’ll only need for a short period of time. Neither option was optimal, which lead BellaNove to introduce a shared economy model.


BellaNove’s rental model maximizes the use of each item and gives each and every woman access to a revolving closet that is guaranteed to fit at every stage of their pregnancy. They are dedicated to ensuring that women do not have to sacrifice the way they look and feel just because they’re pregnant. BellaNove is introducing a business model to the fashion world that these women can confidently stand behind.


In addition to office clothing, BellaNove also offers “after-work wear.” Future doctor Jasmine is pictured here wearing an after-work dress rented from BellaNove.

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