Better Belts for a Better World

Jelt is a social impact apparel company founded with the purpose of creating a practical and functional product for everyday use, all while promoting and facilitating social change.


It all began when founder Jen Perry suffered a near death experience and subsequent months in the hospital. She’d always dreamed of creating a social enterprise and, armed with renewed perspective, she was determined to make a difference. She founded Jelt in 2014 to provide everyone with a low-profile and functional belt while giving back to her local Montana community for the greater good.


Jelt isn’t just any ordinary belt. Not only is it made from recycled plastic bottles, but it features an innovative, patent-pending design inspired by Jen’s need for an everyday belt to wear on the ski slopes or around her hometown. As a result, Jelt designed a retro-inspired, multi-functional belt for everyday use, solving a problem for people who hate belts, but need them. The belt consists of strong, stretchy 100% recycled elastic, features a non-slip inner gel and a flat, low-profile buckle that is invisible under tops and tees.


From the beginning, Jelt was created as a platform to affect social change, even beyond an eco-conscious fashion accessory. Each belt empowers women through its production. Jelt belts are manufactured by women seamstresses living on rural Montana ranches and at the Women’s Prison in Billings, Montana, via the Montana Correctional Enterprise Program. This program breaks the cycle of incarceration by training and employing its participants, giving them the skills and confidence they need to find steady work when released.


In addition, Jelt is committed to giving back to the local community financially. For every purchase, Jelt donates a portion of sales to nonprofit organizations, including Warriors and Quiet Water Foundation, which rehabilitates injured veterans through the serenity of fly-fishing in the pristine waters of Montana; THRIVE, which supports parents, empowers children, strengthens families and contributes to a thriving community; and 1% for the Planet, which connects dollars with doers to address the most pressing environmental challenges. Jelt also recently created a collection that directly supports Yellowstone Forever and Glacier Coalition through every sale.


In 2018, Jelt became a certified B Corporation, reaffirming its dedication to social and environmental issues. Jelt is committed to using eco-conscious material, keeping production local, giving back to the community and providing good wages and flexible schedules to employees. They joined SEA to find a community of other social enterprises and further their own impact.


#jelting is more than wearing a comfortable belt, it’s about sharing a common goal to make the world a better place.

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