Webinar: Increasing Sales Using the Human-Centered Sales Funnel

Increasing Sales Using the Human-Centered Sales Funnel: A 2-Step Process

Tuesday, February 19th  |  11 a.m. CT  |  $35 or FREE for SEA members

Join Kari Enge of Rank & File Magazine to learn how to set up a more effective, “human-centered sales funnel,” (i.e. the customer’s journey from discovery to purchase, centered on human connection and behavior) for your social enterprise. In this practical workshop, Kari will take you step-by-step through the elements of the sales funnel and coach you on how to use each component to create an authentic, impactful sales process that will increase your social impact and sales at the same time. This is the second episode in our Sustaining Impact webinar series in partnership with Rank & File. This online workshop will take place on Tuesday, February 19th at 11am CT.

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This webinar is a part of the Sustaining Impact Webinar Series: A Partnered Webinar Series Hosted by Rank and File

Social Enterprise Alliance is thrilled to partner with social entrepreneurship publication, Rank & File Magazine, for a special webinar series. The ‘Sustaining Impact’ series will dive deep into human-centered business strategies to elevate your sales and your social impact.

About Rank & File Magazine:

Rank & File is a magazine for social entrepreneurs that is reshaping the role of media into a catalyst for authentic conversation for the sake of social impact.

The quarterly digital publication features fellow social entrepreneurs, changemakers and thought leaders who share advice from experience, vulnerable lessons learned and key mindsets needed to succeed. Rank & File isn’t owned by advertising or driven by pedestals – but by the community it serves. Together, we are empowering each other to pursue our passions, live on purpose and serve others through impact-driven entrepreneurship.

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