Making Sure Social Enterprises Are All Good

An employee of Global Language Project, a resident organization of All Good Work. She also enjoys All Good Coffee!

The All Good Work Foundation provides social impact organizations access to coworking spaces and business centers in New York City and Silicon Valley. Offering this professional workspace reduces the cost of the second highest expense of running an organization.


All Good Work was created two years ago to address a key need for social enterprises and nonprofits – space to do their work. They now provide office space for dozens of resident organizations, all of which are committed to crucial work such as healthcare and education for underserved communities, STEM programs, journalism projects and youth programming. The resident organizations of All Good Work benefit from donated workspace, offered for a $50 program management fee, and are able to direct their savings towards critical programmatic efforts. Some have even been able to expand, like Global Language Project (featured in the above photo), which was able to add an additional staff person as a result of the program. Since launching in New York, All Good Work recently expanded to Silicon Valley, and in 2019, will expand to additional cities.


While building their Residency Program for these organizations, All Good Work developed relationships with many coworking spaces and discovered another opportunity. Beyond donating workspace, All Good Work realized they could engage business centers and increase their support through a key product: coffee.


Those who utilize coworking spaces consume a lot of coffee. They also care a lot about the quality of that coffee, but are not always able to source reasonably priced, ethically sourced coffee. Out of that gap, All Good Coffee, a for-profit subsidiary of the Foundation, was formed. Their coffee company uses high-quality beans sourced under international standards for sustainability and sells it online and through beverage service companies across the United States. All Good Coffee puts 100% of its  profits back into the All Good Work Foundation to provide more working space for more organizations.


The All Good Work Foundation has been a member of SEA since 2017. In fact, the SEA Summit in LA and the social enterprise community are part of what inspired the idea behind All Good Coffee!

To learn more about All Good Work, check out their member directory profile.


  1. Great news about your expansion.

    Is Dallas, Texas one of the cities slotted for expansion?

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