A New Conversation in the Body Positivity Movement

Nalgona Positivity Pride (NPP) is an intersectional body-positive organization that provides community-based support and education for people of color and indigenous descent who are struggling with troubled eating and poor body image.


Founder Gloria Lucas started Nalgona Positivity Pride after experiencing first-hand the scarcity of resources for people living on the margins of society through racial inequality and poverty. After personally struggling with an eating disorder, she faced many obstacles in seeking support and services. She found that many eating disorder recovery models lacked an understanding of social injustice, oppression, historical trauma and the roles that each play in the development of eating disorders. On an even larger scale, the prevalence of diet culture and the normalization of disordered eating made it very difficult for the general public to understand the complexity and harm of eating disorders.

Nalgona Positivity Pride strives to provide people of indigenous descent and color with the education and resources they need for self-empowerment, resistance and healing.

Living in the US as the daughter of immigrant parents, Gloria had to navigate the different cultural implications surrounding eating, food and body image. Launching NPP was her way of addressing a lack of access to culturally-sensitive support and the cultural gaps that exist in the understanding of eating disorders.


Nalgona Positivity Pride exists as an active social media platform with more than 100k followers, allowing them to raise awareness on topics like body-positivity, issues surrounding people of color and eating disorders. NPP is also a small business that sells merchandise with messages of indigeneity, recovery and social justice, hosts different support groups for people of color and indigenous peoples who struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food and offers consulting services to treatment centers and providers that want to better serve marginalized communities.


As a part of her initiative to increase their visibility, Gloria is currently working on a book to feature the stories of different people of color who have struggled with an eating disorder, as a way to bring hope to those who feel alone in their struggle. She is an international public speaker who addresses body-image, historical trauma and eating disorders at universities, community centers and conferences. Each of these projects furthers NPP’s goal to provide people of indigenous descent and color with the education and resources they need for self-empowerment, resistance and healing.


You can support Nalgona Positivity Pride by shopping their tote bag featured in our annual Holiday Gift Guide, launching November 1st. NPP is also a member of SEA’s first Pave a Path cohort.

To learn more about Nalgona Positivity Pride, check out their member directory profile.

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