Citizenship Made Simple

SimpleCitizen is a digital immigration and visa solution designed to streamline the pathway to citizenship – essentially, TurboTax for immigration.


As the only truly comprehensive solution to successfully navigate the complexities of becoming a citizen, SimpleCitizen’s straightforward process takes immigrants from signup to completion, saving them time and money along the way. Every day, the team works to help people find new opportunities, start new adventures and bring their families together.


Every year, about 1.1 million people apply for green cards, while 800,000 renew their green cards and another 800,000 seek citizenship. These immigrants generally have three options when getting ready to apply for status. First, they can pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to do the paperwork. Second, they can do it on their own, which may take months of researching and filling out forms. Lastly, they can use an informal immigrant help service. Unfortunately, these services are often scams.


SimpleCitizen is a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to those options. After its founding in 2014 – catalyzed by CEO Sam Stoddard’s experience of going through the green card process with his wife – the software was created. It was further perfected and developed by a team of world-class innovators, engineers and immigration attorneys, and thousands of immigrants have used it since to obtain legal status.


The software uses automation to make the process more efficient, saving immigrants time and money. In fact, one customer took the money he saved in legal fees and used his recently obtained green card to visit his home country of Chile, which he hadn’t been back to in 15 years.


SimpleCitizen has also partnered with foreign consulates and non-profits to provide a free software solution and attorney consultation to refugees, asylees and DACA recipients. SimpleCitizen has also formed partnerships with startup hubs across the globe like Station F, Startup Chile, iHub and the Global Accelerator Network. Through this program, SimpleCitizen has helped immigrant founders immigrate to and start companies in the United States. The team works every day to make the process of immigrating and remaining in the United States as simple as possible.  


As a for-profit company with social impact embedded in the business model, SimpleCitizen is an excellent example of social enterprise. This is largely due to help from the Ballard Center at Brigham Young University, which played a vital role in the early days of SimpleCitizen. In September 2017, the Ballard Center invited the company to SEA Summit ’17 in Los Angeles, where their team met with several other social enterprises from Utah. This encounter led to the start of an SEA Utah Chapter, which SimpleCitizen helped found in January 2018.



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