Building Interfaith Communities Through Food

Abe’s Meats is a social enterprise on a mission to make high-quality religious foods more accessible, nutritious and delicious for all. Their meat products are the first of their kind to be both Halal and Kosher, creating opportunities for interfaith unity.


The goal of Abe’s Interfaith products is to “celebrate the commonalities” between Jewish and Muslim families. Food is a tool that’s been used for centuries to bring people together, create community and find common language. Statistics show 85% of Halal and Kosher meats are consumed by Americans who have no affiliation to Judaism or Islam. With Interfaith Meats, the social enterprise hopes to provide quality meat products while building inclusive communities around the foods so many already love.


Unlike mainstream meat production, Abe’s Meats produces sustainably, with cage-free animals that graze, fertilize and live on rain-fed pastures. They believe this plays a pivotal role in reversing the climate impact on soil erosion, carbon usage and other greenhouse gas emissions. Done the right way, Abe’s Meats believes sustainable meat production is an essential part of our larger environmental health.


They believe in supporting family-owned ranches, too. They source all of their meets from small-scale farms that reject industrialized meat production tactics. By sourcing responsibly, Abe’s meats helps support farms in the supply chain that produce better, safer meats with less waste or climate impact. Supporting these ranches allows more American caterers and restaurants to make responsible meat production choices, while still receiving the same amount of inventory.



Whether it’s quinoa or coffee, we must consume responsibly


According to the social enterprise, their meat is “simply high-quality deliciousness” with no nonsense included. Their Interfaith Meats have no hormones, preservatives, antibiotics, coloring or chemicals. Paleo and Keto-friendly, Abe’s Meats is a great source for natural, single ingredient, organic food packed with essential minerals rich in magnesium, zinc, and iron, Vitamin B and E, and unsaturated fats like Omega 3s. 


Their motto is to consume less, better meat — the first meat company to promote less consumption. The mission behind their motto is to be responsible consumers. Their sustainable meats are from ranchers who practice regenerative agriculture techniques to sequester carbon and build carbon soils that will naturally combat climate change, and as Abe’s Meats puts it: “no food can be sustainable if it is over-consumed.” The company’s aim is to always support natural methods that help the environment, public health and the economy.


Abe’s Meats joined SEA this summer as one of the Pave A Path Scholarship recipients. From Founder, Mohammad Modarres:


At its core, Abe’s is about fostering inclusivity. We have merged thousands of years of religious dietary laws to bring Muslim and Jewish communities together. Food is integral to the identities of these communities, and there’s no better way to bring people together than to break bread and cut the beef. Literally.

To learn more about Abe’s Meats, check out their member directory profile.


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