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SEA Impact Lab Program

Impact Lab, in partnership with Uncharted, is a 5-day, funding readiness curriculum equipping social entrepreneurs and startups with the skills they need to seek investment. This hands-on workshop provides participants with an intensive curriculum, supported by world-class mentors, funders and a community of fellow entrepreneurs. Ideal for those who have an existing product and are looking to systematically scale their venture, this program will leave participants with a host of tangible outcomes and skills to approach investors, and a community that provides long-lasting support.


About the Program

We will host the Impact Lab in Nashville, TN three times in 2018, and with upwards of 20 participants accepted to each round, there are plenty of opportunities to participate. Save these dates:

  • March 19th – 23rd — applications closed
  • April 23rd – 27th — applications closed
  • July 9th-13th — applications open!

The applications will remain open until May 29th! Get yours in today to be considered for the last lab of the year.


About the Curriculum

By the end of the five days, participants will have:

  • Learned the fundraising process from start to finish and the elements needed to successfully raise funding
  • Diagnosed their funding preparedness and designed a strategic plan to become funding ready
  • Learned research and outreach techniques to find funders and created a list of at least 30 potential funders
  • Learned how to build strong relationships with funders
  • Completed funding readiness “reality checks” with 4 – 5 real funders and received real and honest feedback on their investment preparedness
  • Drastically increased their confidence level about leading an investor meeting, leading to far more productive meetings with future potential funders

This is just a snapshot of the in-depth instruction participants can expect to receive through Impact Lab. The Nashville chapter of SEA piloted this program in 2017 with great success and we are excited to follow their lead and bring this opportunity to the larger SEA community. Read about last year’s Impact Lab: Nashville here.


Is this Program Right for You?

SEA Impact Lab can serve entrepreneurs in the early customer traction stage and established customer traction stage. It is designed for early to mid-stage entrepreneurs who are:

  • Committed to social and environmental impact with their venture
  • Are preparing to take on capital in the next 6-12 months
  • Have generated sales and have paying customers for their product or service
  • Able to attend the complete lab (all days)
  • Able to pay tuition if selected
  • 18 years of age or older


The cost of this powerful workshop is $875 for organizational members ($1250 for non-members) so, if you’re interested in participating, mark your calendars and keep your eye out for applications to open for round three!



Impact Lab Sponsorship

Are you interested in sponsoring the Impact Labs? Please review the sponsorship opportunities here, and contact with your interest.

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