Impacting Lives One Bar of Soap at a Time

Soapbox, a luxury hygiene brand, emerged in response to the reality that access to hygiene is not universal. Their solution: educate and encourage consumers to make a routine habit, such as buying soap, impactful. With each product purchased, Soapbox donates one bar of locally-sourced soap to someone in need, funds hygiene education and contributes to hygiene research.


Access to soap can change a life, but something as simple as soap is often overlooked because it’s a basic commodity. While working as a subcontractor with U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) the CEO and Co-Founder of Soapbox, David Simnick, saw a gap: Communities received clean water but not hygiene essentials or education. So, in 2010, he and his best friend started Soapbox, making the first batch of soap in his  college dorm kitchen. Fast forward to today, and Soapbox offers a full-line of body-care essentials — all with a social purpose.


We’re here to educate and encourage consumers to become involved in supporting great charity initiatives simply by making a purchase they already have on their list.


Soapbox thoughtfully crafts each product with hand-picked ingredients to provide the best-quality hygiene product for the customer. The company believes transparency, in product quality and impact, is a key characteristic of Soapbox’s social impact model. That’s why Soapbox created the Hope Code. Each product contains a unique Hope Code on the back of it that consumers can enter on our website to see where their donation went, the aid partner we worked with and the specific project they’re working on. The Hope Code invites customers to be active in their giving, from start to finish.


As a variation on the traditional one-for-one donation model, Soapbox sources the donated soap from artisans in the same communities to which they donate back, when possible. This model reduces the risk of hurting local soap artisans while boosting the overall local economy. To make the most impact in these communities, Soapbox chooses to partner with nonprofits that share this same vision of empowering people while providing access to a basic health essential. These partners distribute the soap and provide proper hygiene education, such as hand-washing etiquette. To date, the Sundara hygiene ambassadors, one of Soapbox’s partners, have provided over 6,000 hygiene lessons in the local community.




When Soapbox joined SEA in October, 2017, they found, “the in surrounding [themselves] with other social impact warriors immeasurable.” Through interactions with like-minded companies, all with different strategies to advocate for a greater cause, Soapbox began thinking outside the box to try new tactics and collaborations. For example, the company recently partnered with Delta Hotels by Marriott to bring their products to consumers in different environments. This resulted in more donations and increased exposure to potential consumers and brand advocates.


Being able to network with others [through SEA] who share a common value of leaving this world a betterplace than which we found it is truly inspiring.


Soapbox has impacted over three million lives internationally through donations and hygiene education. By staying true to their core since inception, Soapbox is creating better livelihoods for the people they serve while making community-wide impact. Who knew something as simple as soap could make such a difference?



To learn more about Soapbox, check out their member directory profile.


  1. This is such a noble initiative. A great way to give back to the society. There should be more innovations like these.

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