The Sustaining Impact Webinar Series

SEA Presents the Sustaining Impact Webinar Series:

A Partnered Webinar Series Hosted by Rank and File

Social Enterprise Alliance is thrilled to partner with social entrepreneurship publication, Rank & File Magazine, for a special webinar series. The ‘Sustaining Impact’ series will dive deep into human-centered business strategies to elevate your sales and your social impact. Join Rank & File quarterly as they bring you wide-range of thought-provoking, step-by-step applications to ignite new growth for your social enterprise.


About Rank & File Magazine:

Rank & File is a magazine for social entrepreneurs that is reshaping the role of media into a catalyst for authentic conversation for the sake of social impact. The quarterly digital publication features fellow social entrepreneurs, changemakers and thought leaders who share advice from experience, vulnerable lessons learned and key mindsets needed to succeed. Rank & File isn’t owned by advertising or driven by pedestals – but by the community it serves. Together, we are empowering each other to pursue our passions, live on purpose and serve others through impact-driven entrepreneurship.


Upcoming Webinars

Elevating Your Purpose & Profits Using Ikigai

Tuesday, October 30th | 11 a.m. CT

Are you an entrepreneur looking to align your social enterprise with your values for increased purpose and profits? Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy that translates to “a reason for being” and is found at the intersection of one’s sense of purpose, meaning in life, feeling of joy and well-being. Join us for “Elevating Your Purpose & Profits Using Ikigai” on Tuesday,the first episode in our partnered series with Rank & File Magazine. In a practical workshop led by founder of Creators for Good, Solène Pignet, we’ll learn how this age-old concept is an essential tool for pursuing one’s personal and professional purpose. Register today!

Attendees can either register for free as SEA members, for $20 as Rank and File subscribers or for $35. Registrants will receive instructions on accessing the webinar via email. To access the free ticket discount code for SEA members, members should login to their SEA account and visit the Discount page. To learn more about the benefits of SEA membership, visit our online Membership page.


Overview of SEA’s 2018 Behind-the-Scenes Webinar Series


Have you ever wondered how successful social enterprises managed to get where they are? What are innovative ways to leverage challenges, changes, and unexpected transitions to the benefit of your social enterprise? How have leaders mastered the art of messaging their impact and telling their story? Join us for our Behind-the-Scenes webinar series, where we learn from successful social businesses and explore the answers to these questions each month.

In past webinars, we’ve covered: Acquisitions, digital marketing, social media, workplace wellbeing and culture. Members can watch and learn from past webinars by logging in and heading to our webinar archives.

Past Webinars in the Series


Business Basics for the Holiday Season

Part 1: Capturing Consumers | Part 2: Turning Donors into Customers

Sept. 26, 2018 11 a.m. CT | Oct. 3, 2018 11 a.m. CT| Recap Here

The holiday season is a key revenue-driving time for social enterprises, so it’s important to prepare and make the most of it. To help you get ready, we’ve crafted a mini webinar series “Business Basics for the Holiday Season.”

In this two-episode series, we’ll cover sales from both the for-profit and non-profit social enterprise perspective, to prepare you for the gifting and giving season. Hear best practices for marketing your product in part 1, “Capturing Consumers,” then learn how, from the non-profit social enterprise angle, to translate donations into sales in part 2, “Turning Donors Into Customers.” 



Digital Marketing in 2018

April 11, 2018 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. | Members can watch a recap, here. 

Having a digital marketing strategy is no longer just helpful, it’s essential. Which raises the question, how do you master social media, branding and digital marketing to work for your business? With algorithms changing and new platforms popping up every day, it’s more important than ever for your organization to have a plan. That’s why we hosted Digital Marketing in 2018 to help you build yours. This online workshop is taught by speakers from successful social businesses NISOLO and The Good Trade, Devon Murray from Brand Partnerships and AmyAnn Cadwell, The Good Trade’s Co-Founder. Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • Digital marketing tips and tricks
  • How to determine what’s working and what’s not
  • Leveraging influencers for your brand
  • Utilizing affiliate programs


To Acquire or Not to Acquire: Acquisitions in Social Enterprise

February 21, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CT
Online, $35 for non-members


In this webinar, we hear from Buddy Teaster, CEO of Soles4Souls. Buddy championed the organization through a turnaround and is now working to scale their operations and impact. Last year, Buddy was presented with the option to acquire another nonprofit. How do you analyze a choice like this? Acquisitions can be a great path for scale but what factors determine whether it’s a good deal and a good fit? Watch it now and learn from a social enterprise expert on how to navigate opportunity and increase impact.


To access past webinars, log in to your SEA account and visit our Webinar Archive. Please note you must be a dues paying member of SEA to access these webinars.

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