The Pave A Path Campaign




When social entrepreneurs come together, there is an opportunity for real, lasting change. However, not all have equal opportunity to access a supportive network or the connections to career-driving resources. That’s why Social Enterprise Alliance wants to level the playing field. The Pave A Path fundraising campaign is an initiative that will provide SEA membership to emerging entrepreneurs who face financial barriers to opportunity.


The goal is to raise $10,000 by December 31st — and to use the funds to supply 25 scholarships to social entrepreneurs across the country. With an SEA membership, these emerging entrepreneurs gain access to:

  • The leading national network of social enterprise leaders
  • SEA’s Mentorship Program connecting members with experienced social enterprise leaders for advice, guidance and support
  • SEA’s Office Hours Program, which offers dedicated time from experts in HR, legal, accounting/finance and other business management fields to assist with social enterprise operations
  • Chapter programs and activities
  • Exclusive, member-only discounts on events, professional services and other unique business offerings
  • Monthly webinars, as well as SEA’s webinar-archive, featuring insights from social enterprise leaders, investors and professionals
  • Insider knowledge about important social enterprise job opportunities, events, conferences and internships on SEA’s website and across SEA’s social channels
  • Research articles, videos, audio files and other helpful resources from SEA’s Knowledge Center


The benefits to joining a supportive peer network are invaluable in one’s career, and for social entrepreneurs, that supportive network means more opportunity to create lasting change. Let’s join together as a community of social impact supporters, practitioners and leaders and extend opportunity to others. When you choose to give, you carve a pathway for emerging entrepreneurs to take a step forward with confidence.


Let’s #PaveAPath together.

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