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Below, you can download Impact Investing 101 which features Victoria Fram with Village Capital and Investments, and is an informative resource for social entrepreneurs who want to begin funding, but first need a crash course in investing as a whole. It’s already tough to navigate finding investors, making it all the more important to feel confident about the process of investing itself to help you plan your pitch. This short, 30 minute webinar takes you back to the basics. It will leave you with a clear definition of impact investing, a solid understanding of an investor’s process and a clear description of the types of investments available for social entrepreneurs. What better way to learn what investors are looking for in terms of social and financial returns, than hearing from an investor firsthand? Increase your knowledge by downloading the webinar below today!


Impact Investing 101 is part of SEA’s Social Finance Webinar Series which was created to give social enterprises, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs a place to learn about and ask questions regarding all things investing and funding. Financing a venture comes with its own set of complex challenges at many stages of the venture’s journey, from startup to mature enterprise. Each webinar in the series features unique insight from investors, philanthropists and leaders in social finance. SEA members can find a full archive of past webinars on our website.

So far in the series, we have covered:

  • Webinar #1:  Financing Nonprofit Social Enterprises
  • Webinar #2:  Innovative Financing Options for Social Enterprise
  • Webinar #3:  Financing Through the Lens of the Social Enterprise

— and our two newest webinars —

  • Webinar #4:  Impact Investing 101 (Download below!)
  • Webinar #5:  Raising Investment Capital (Register today!)

The next webinar in our series is the perfect sequel! Once you’ve learned the vocabulary with Victoria by downloading the video below, you can register for Webinar #5: Raising Investment Capital, which will take you through the process of finding funding from the perspective of a successful social entrepreneur. Free for SEA members and just $35 for non-members, click here to register today.


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