Advancing the Disadvantaged

The Arc Davidson County & Greater Nashville is using a new document management service to change the lives of those with intellectual disabilities. Their recently developed eDocTN is providing job training and employment to those who need it most.


For more than 60 years, The Arc – Nashville has been working to promote, protect and advocate for the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal is a “self-determined” life. Those living with disabilities often face hindrances to self-sufficiency, especially in communities that may not afford inclusive employment opportunities. Finding job training and opportunities extended to those with disabilities can can be very challenging. The Arc – Nashville works to fill that gap by catering to the specialized needs of the communities they serve.


One way they do this is through eDocTN, a social enterprise offering organizations a way to better manage their records and accumulating documents. The enterprise covers a range of services from mailroom organization, document imaging, to the secure storage and retrieval of historical records — helping an operation transition from paper to electronic processes. They pride themselves on providing quality service to help businesses get one step closer to going paperless, all with a quick turnaround time.


By contracting with us you will be steps closer to helping your organization go paperless while supporting our mission to provide new and more meaningful job opportunities for the underemployed of our community.


Developed just three years ago, eDocTN doubles as an employment program, providing proper training and access to opportunity for participants.  With access to a job and a wage, persons with disabilities are given greater independence and more control over their lives, a chance to live in a home of their choice and enjoy inclusive recreation and leisure activities. Not to mention the program builds positive and meaningful relationships contributing to an all-around, better quality of life. The Arc – Nashville considers the program mutually beneficial to employers; other than just receiving a quality service, employing the disadvantaged individuals of the area connects an organization with its community and leaves them with a greater sense of purpose.


The Arc – Nashville is a portion of a larger story, as one of more than 650 chapters in The Arc of the United States –the nation’s largest membership disability organization. The organization was founded in 1952 and through its Nashville chapter alone, serves over seven hundred individuals and advocates for more than 5,000 families, children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The Arc is dedicated to empowering the disabled and is a leader in its sector of service. Besides employment, through its chapters The Arc supports the disadvantaged through advocacy and education, family support, support coordination and future planning.


The Arc Davidson County & Greater Nashville joined SEA to increase awareness of all the programs they have for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to increase awareness of their social enterprise, eDocTN.

To learn more about The Arc Davidson County & Greater Nashville, check out their member directory profile.

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