Disrupting the Cycle of Poverty

HopeWorks Social Enterprises is an organization with a clear purpose — disrupt the cycle of poverty encircling homeless and low-income individuals through paid job training and living-wage careers. 


Through the development and operation of its social enterprises, HopeWorks is doing everything it can to carve out pathways of success for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The company was launched in January 2011 as an affiliate of Housing Hope, an organization committed to providing safe and affordable housing to Snohomish County residents in Everett, Washington. HopeWorks supplements that housing initiative by extending access to career opportunity.


The organization does this via its social enterprises: ReNewWorksGroundWorks and CafeWorks. Each of these for-profit enterprises not only fills a genuine need in the community, but also provides those employed a path to economic empowerment:


ReNewWorks Home and Decor  is an upscale furniture store with consigned and donated items. Opened in July 2013 and located in HopeWorks Station, ReNew offers a wide variety of great upscale modern and vintage/retro home furnishings. With its DeliveryWorks division, ReNew also offers delivery and pickup services.
GroundWorks Landscaping provides commercial landscape construction, maintenance, and installation. Additionally, the WaterWorks division installs, maintains and repairs irrigation systems.
CafeWorks at HopeWorks Station is a mission-based coffee shop that serves customers a variety of specialty coffees, made-to-order cafe treats and great customer service. The provided job training is offered to at-risk youth and young adults from Cocoon House and Housing Hope through a youth barista training program.


HopeWorks’ social enterprises cover a variety of community needs, featuring landscaping services, a vintage and upscale home furnishing store and a coffee shop. Individuals striving to support themselves or their families are employed through paid internships, offered as a chance to learn job skills, gain career-building experience and earn a living-wage. Some programs even have specialized initiatives, like CafeWorks and its barista training program exclusive to at-risk youth age 16-24. This allows the company to focus its impact to specifically address youth homelessness and to provide a path out.  


Each enterprise funnels a portion of its profit back into Housing Hope, to provide safe and secure homes to those at risk of or experiencing homelessness, while another portion goes toward ensuring the continuation of the job training, education and credentialing programs. 


Many people in our community are experiencing homelessness, disabling conditions or other life events that stand in the way of self-sufficiency. HopeWorks exists to give them opportunities to thrive.


HopeWorks credits its commitment to deliberate and resourceful business planning, extensive collaboration with corporate and community partners and tangible objectives as the contributing factors allowing their vision to become a reality — seeing to it that all have an equal chance at a secure and stable future. The continued opportunity for collaboration and a chance to further its mission alongside like-minded organizations is what HopeWorks says it values most about being an SEA member.

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