Catering With A Purpose

CENTER TABLE, Catering with a Purpose is a social enterprise catering company using its profits and culinary training programs to provide a path of self-sufficiency to women overcoming homelessness or addiction.


CENTER TABLE catering company was developed to support women in recovery as they prepare to re-enter society post-addiction. They offer full-service catering of delicious and fresh food, while also teaching culinary skills necessary to help participants gain employment in the food industry. Totaling about 34 hours per week, the 6-10 week training includes educational classes, life skills and a full culinary curriculum including food preparation and service. The hope is that after graduating the recovery program, the women can use their skills to obtain an income and support themselves and their families.


When it comes to catering, the company offers a full range of services from barbecues and business luncheons to elegant dinners and celebrations. Even better, the produce is always fresh. Year-round, CENTER TABLE grows and harvests its own seasonal fruits and vegetables via its backyard garden, raised beds and indoor grow room. CENTER TABLE also prioritizes a commitment to eco-friendly practices by composting most of its kitchen waste and using green products.


When you hire CENTER TABLE, you delight your guests with exceptional food and service while helping transform lives.


These food training classes work as a segment of the Brighton Recovery Center for Women (BRC), in Florence, Kentucky, in cooperation with the state’s Recovery KY Initiative to end chronic homelessness and combat substance abuse. The holistic recovery center helps women make these necessary, long-term behavioral changes via four components:


  • Safe Off the Streets (SOS) – Provides safe, non-medical environment to begin deciding on a plan of recovery
  • Motivational Tracks – Provides a low-pressure environment for committing to the process of recovery so that participants can experience the hope of change
  • Phase I – Provides effective solutions to the problems of addiction. Programs are more focused and intense than the Motivational Tracks. Goals are increased social wellness, economic independence and ultimately recovery from addiction
  • Phase II – Provides a means of reintroduction back into society. Participants obtain employment or participate in educational/job training programs, pay rent, work on maintaining sobriety, attend self-help meetings and prepare a plan of action for living sober as productive members of society


About 43% of our residents in Phase II seek employment in the food service industry. CENTER TABLE is here to insure their careers in the industry are long and successful.


CENTER TABLE offers its training for residents in phase I and II of that process. Profits from the catering services are used to provide BRC with unrestricted income that supports operational costs and insures the continued ability to serve eligible populations. 

To learn more about CENTER TABLE – Catering With a Purpose, check out their member directory profile.


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