Childhood Development Through Music

Childhood Development Through Music

GROWING SOUND is an award winning children’s music publisher that creates positive, powerful songs based on the latest research in social emotional learning and development for young children. This year, they are celebrating 10 years of using music to help children become ready for school and ready for life.


GROWING SOUND is the social enterprise division of Children, Inc., a nonprofit child care, family support and school age services provider in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Since 2007, GROWING SOUND has created a variety of music products, including music CDs, teaching manuals and DVDs, that focus on promoting positive character traits including kindness, gratitude and optimism, in addition to self-awareness, self-regulation, self-control, motivation and mindfulness in children from birth to 10 years old.


As breakthroughs in child development research increase, there is a widening gap between what researchers know and what parents and teachers practice. Parents and teachers want to optimize the child’s development; however, they lack the time and expertise to digest the growing volume of research. GROWING SOUND bridges that gap through music. With songwriter and producer David Kisor at the helm, GROWING SOUND has created award winning music projects including “I CAN DO IT!”, a “self-talk” song that encourages confidence and initiative; the “Before The Bullying” program (PreK – Grade 5), which teaches the prosocial skills that prevent bullying – acceptance, friendship, teamwork, empathy and responsibility – through music, video and other artistic mediums; “Un Mundo/One World”, a bilingual (English-Spanish) project; and “My Hand In Your Hand”, a music CD specifically for foster/adoption families.


In addition to product development, GROWING SOUND has trained over 70,000 early childhood professionals and parents on the proper use of the songs to promote positive development in the classroom and at home. The artists also bring interactive concert performances to schools, childcare centers and family enrichment events throughout the United States. Although the music industry has changed dramatically in their 10 years of operation, they continue to grow by introducing songs in digital format and exploring licensing and other business development opportunities.


GROWING SOUND was one of the earliest members of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Chapter of the SEA. They’ve been continuously involved in various ways, including hosting a monthly chapter event, participating in the SEA “Fair on The Square” event, promoting SEA Awareness Week and holding a leadership position on the Chapter Board. One of the most impactful moments for GROWING SOUND was when they were selected to present their “Spark Story” at the National SEA Summit in Nashville, TN. Being a social enterprise with the mission of creating a caring community helps to define GROWING SOUND as more than just a music publisher.

To learn more about Growing Sound, check out their member directory profile.

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