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Brand Geek

Brand Geek® is a soulful, multiple-bottom-line law firm that leads from the heart and by example. Its mission is to cultivate brand protection strategies for other multiple-bottom-line social enterprises, while inspiring others with curiosity, passion and creativity.


Brand Geek offers intellectual property legal services, specifically, trademark and copyright strategy, protection, commercialization, transfers and enforcement to its social enterprise clients. But the exciting part of the story is how the firm does it.


Brand Geek, like many law firms, is an avid supporter of social enterprise. In fact, the firm adopted a social enterprise business model eleven years ago. The firm itself was formed at Lake Tahoe in 2002 and, as an expansion of its mission, began operating as a social enterprise in 2006. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful natural treasures in the U.S. and a source of constant inspiration in need of protection. To address that need, the firm began donating a minimum of 1% of its gross annual revenue to environmental non-profit groups, even though at that time, it wasn’t profitable.


Shortly thereafter, Brand Geek reached profitability and expanded its environmental practices to include a recycling program (paper, batteries, light bulbs and electronics) and measuring and managing energy use and carbon emissions from office energy use, business travel and paper consumption (though it is a “paperless” office). When the firm had employees, it paid them an additional dollar for each day that they walked or biked to work. Additionally, the firm adheres to purchasing policies that source from other social enterprises, local businesses and ventures owned by underserved populations, including women. It also focuses primarily on serving other social enterprises, either paying clients or through continuous pro-bono work for NGOs.


Brand Geek first became involved with Social Enterprise Alliance in 2009, when it began donating legal services to protect SEA’s brand. SEA is a well-known resource upon which social enterprises form and grow their businesses. Brand Geek is proud to be a part of their powerful community of changemakers.

To learn more about Brand Geek, check out their member directory profile.

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