Powering the Future of Food

Powering The Future of Food

PowerGrow’s mission is to use their innovative, patented greenhouses to help growers of all sizes deliver healthy, locally grown produce and reduce malnutrition globally, to ultimately change the way we feed the world.


Farming is the largest human endeavor on earth, and by 2050, humanity must double current crop production to feed over 3.5 billion more people. This is an enormous challenge given the severity of water scarcity, limited land availability and increasing power costs. In addition, our food systems waste an estimated 45% of fruits and vegetables.


The Model

These pressing concerns led David Hinson to create a patented, renewable energy-powered, commercial greenhouses. These greenhouses utilize a completely controlled growing environment to streamline the supply chain, optimize agriculture land use, minimize carbon emissions, reduce waste, create local jobs and preserve resources. The controlled environment also limits water consumption, maximizes plant yield and allows growers to focus on crop production and performance.


Hinson partnered with entrepreneur Sean Lyle to form PowerGrow in 2016. The business model they developed centers on PowerGrow’s ability to monetize their patents and design, finance, build, own and operate the facilities, while leasing them to their grower partners. This model limits the capital investment required by the grower to mitigate their risk, optimize their operations and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It’s the only model in North America that shifts asset performance risk and capital investment risk from the grower to the business.


The Impact

PowerGrow is currently developing facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Tennessee, New Jersey and the US Virgin Islands. Each greenhouse is located within 50 miles of a major metropolitan area, allowing the growers to deliver locally grown, organic produce to nearby consumers. PowerGrow also plans to build the facilities near major produce distribution centers to further reduce waste, minimize shipping costs and create local jobs – over 100 high skilled and high paying jobs per facility – anywhere in the world. ​The controlled growing and processing environment is projected to cut food waste in half and produce 700-800% more food per acre. Furthermore, PowerGrow plans to use this increased production to combat food insecurity, through partnerships with ACTS Freedom Farms and Feeding America.


Environmentally, PowerGrow operates on completely green energy through a patented solar tracking system with integrated battery storage and cogeneration. This will provide 100% of the power requirements for the growing, processing, packaging, cold storage and shipping facilities. PowerGrow also projects that a standard 15 acre growing operation will save over 90 million gallons of water, eliminate 14 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the air and use 70% less land annually. Additionally, the ability to build their patented greenhouses anywhere empowers grower partners to turn marginal agricultural land into optimal farm land.


PowerGrow views Social Enterprise Alliance as an opportunity to engage impact organizations in a meaningful way. They believe that the only way to solve problems large and small is to partner with like-minded organizations who share a similar mission and vision. 


To learn more about PowerGrow, check out their member directory profile.

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