Springing Into Wellness

Yellow Tractor Wellness Garden

Yellow Tractor is a garden-based workplace wellness program that utilizes education and technology to promote, improve and sustain employee wellness.


As a market leader in garden-based corporate wellness, Yellow Tractor reaches adults where they spend most of their lives: in the workplace. Through a nutritious, cooking-based and hands-on approach, they teach each of their client organizations’ employees to grow and prepare fresh, healthy food easily and affordably. Yellow Tractor is thus able to promote healthier lifestyles within each organization and bring their values to life through onsite gardening and employee engagement projects in the community.


Corporate Wellness Program

Yellow Tractor’s onsite employee wellness gardens create a culture of wellness, sustain employee engagement and take care of an organization’s most important asset: its people. Employees are provided with hands-on garden training, cooking strategies and nutrition education in a garden constructed from environmentally-responsible cedar-raised garden beds. Through lessons learned in the garden and Yellow Tractor’s year-round programming, employees also are able to bring nutrition and wellbeing practices home to their families and communities.


In combination with their offerings of live, web and mobile education, Yellow Tractor’s onsite gardens create a holistic environment designed to ultimately lower healthcare costs and increase productivity. This is a timely solution to corporate America’s hope of helping employees engage in healthier lifestyles, beginning with prevention. Additional benefits from the practice of growing good food include improved nutrition and exercise. Furthermore, time spent in nature during the workday – particularly in activities like gardening – is shown to increase creative problem solving and employee engagement.


Corporate gardens are the new gym: they relieve stress, provide team building, burn calories and deliver fresh, healthy food for employees. – Yellow Tractor Founder Wendy Irwin, in Crain’s Chicago Business


Corporate Social Responsibility

Yellow Tractor also offers employee volunteer projects to strengthen an organization’s presence in the community. Whether a client’s workforce is 20 or 2,000 strong, they create a turnkey corporate engagement experience that impacts the community for years to come. Through Yellow Tractor Dig Days and the 1Day2Change model, employees are provided unique and sustainable one-day projects in which they work hand-in-hand with local civic organizations, schools and community gathering places. At these sites, employees create gardens and environmental best practice systems to support environmental and educational efforts within their community.


The Yellow Tractor Project

Yellow Tractor also enacts its mission through its nonprofit arm, The Yellow Tractor Project. The Project is a 501(c)(3) that aims to empower people to lead healthy lifestyles by making gardening accessible everywhere. According to an article published in CNBC, an estimated 42 million Americans have little to no access to fresh food due to lack of personal resources, nutrition education and access to affordable, healthy grocers. The Project seeks to address that need by partnering with organizations in underserved communities and unexpected locations to cultivate healthier lifestyles. They provide all necessary quality and environmentally responsible materials and education to sustain gardening success. Through this simple act of creating a garden, The Yellow Tractor Project empowers individuals and organizations to deliver better health, nutrition and well-being.  


Yellow Tractor is an active member of SEA and the Chicago chapter. Through SEA membership, they have gained the opportunity to work alongside other Chicago social entrepreneurs and discovered resources that are invaluable for any socially-focused, mission-driven organization in the marketplace.

To learn more about Yellow Tractor, check out their member directory profile.


  1. Thank you, SEA for this opportunity to connect through this spotlight. We are fortunate to be a part of this innovative and mission-driven national community.

    The Yellow Tractor Team

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