Turning Appetite into Equality

Appetite for Change Youth

Appetite For Change is a community-based, food justice organization in North Minneapolis that uses food as a tool to build health, wealth and social change.


Founders Michelle Horovitz, Latasha Powell and Princess Titus launched Appetite For Change (AFC) with a series of shared meals and community dialogue events in 2012. Over 250 community members came together to talk about the changes they wanted to see in themselves and in their neighborhood, including better access to fresh, local foods through urban farming. Those early kitchen table conversations became the framework for Community Cooks, a flagship AFC program that continues to shape their organization to this day. AFC seeks to address the lack of jobs, real-food access, and community development opportunities for North Minneapolis residents, and aims to become a catalyst for a local movement toward racial, economic and health equity.


Appetite For Change’s programs include community cooking workshops, urban agriculture and organized food policy efforts. These initiatives allow them to train North Minneapolis youth in urban farming, food preparation and leadership, equipping them to begin a career in the foodservice industry. AFC also owns and operates Breaking Bread Café & Catering, a fast-casual restaurant that serves healthy, globally-inspired comfort food. The restaurant also functions as a community gathering place and career launchpad for North Minneapolis residents entering the foodservice industry. AFC’s second venture, Kindred Kitchen, is a shared rental commissary kitchen and food business incubator created in partnership with the Northside Economic Opportunity Network. This incubator supports North Minneapolis food entrepreneurs as they launch their own food truck, catering business, or value-added-product line. Social enterprise helps AFC nourish, employ and train North Minneapolis community members, which in turn enhances the local food economy and improves community food access.
Appetite For Change strongly believes that “youth are the truth,” a belief that led them to create their summer Youth Training & Opportunity Program. Through this program, AFC involved emerging leaders in the food justice movement as youth interns, bringing together their varied backgrounds as activists, artists (rap, spoken word, dance and theatre), aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs. As a capstone summer project, the interns – operating under the moniker “Urban Youth” – created the Grow Food song and music video to share the importance of actively choosing healthy foods with their peers in a fun, accessible format. AFC hopes this song inspires their community to explore new ways to eat, cook and grow food.



To learn more about Appetite for Change, visit their SEA member profile and website.

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