Eat Brownies, Create Jobs, Change Lives

Greyston is an integrated network of programs providing jobs, workforce development, low-income housing, supportive services, childcare, after-school programs, tenant services and community gardens. 


Ever since Bernie Glassman, a Zen Buddhist, founded Greyston in 1982, the social enterprise has revolutionized job creation through Open Hiring™ to provide jobs to individuals with barriers to employment, no questions asked. Since then, Greyston’s business has grown and expanded their response to the community’s needs, but they remain rooted in their mission of creating opportunities for all, regardless of background or work history. Through their world-class Greyston Bakery, they serve around 5,000 individuals annually, all while preparing 35,000 pounds of decadent brownies (also sold in their online store) for customers like Ben & Jerry’s and Whole Foods Market.


Today, almost 8 million individuals are unemployed, 12 percent of adults have no high school diploma or GED and 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated.  Yonkers, NY is like many cities across the country: striving to regenerate its urban core; addressing the linked problems of poverty, crime, hunger, and economic development; and looking for financial resources to support needed investment in housing, healthcare, education and infrastructure. Greyston is at the heart of this work.


Through job creation and programs like child-care, community gardens and workforce development, Greyston provides a holistic solution to some of the most intractable societal injustices, thereby empowering the community.  Their services are grounded in the understanding that people need more than a job. Without a safe place for children to learn and grow, without nutritious food and without skills training, maintaining a job can be too challenging a task.


For almost 35 years, Greyston has used business as a force for good. They’ve proven that it is possible to sustainably address social inequities while making a profit. Cities across the nation need solutions like Open Hiring. To meet that need, they are also developing a Center for Open Hiring™, a collaborative learning space that evaluates, improves, and defines best practices and facilitates the widespread adoption of Open Hiring. The Center will support innovation in the delivery of community programs for employees and neighbors. To learn more, email  


With every position Greyston fills through Open Hiring, they create the opportunity for someone to transform their own life and the lives of their family members — and to contribute to a thriving community.


To learn more about Greyston, visit their SEA member profile and website.


  1. I think this is a MAGNIFICENT job you’ll are doing, promoting self confidence. Is there a location in Yonkers I could refer my grandson to. He’s having so much trouble finding employment, but is an excellent worker, who if given the chance would be a shining example of what he can do for his employer if given the chance. Please email me @ Thank you very much, Dorothy Shuford.

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