Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

For the past two years, the Thx team has worked to launch a new social good brand and e-commerce marketplace that is designed to help every cause, in every city in America.


Thx (“Thanks”) creates everyday products that foster generosity, give to great causes and inspire giving thanks. Founded by brothers Ricardo Juan and Ricardo Jose Bueso, Thx embodies the give-back spirit their immigrant father instilled within them from a young age. With the plan to launch in spring of 2017, the Thx team recently started a Kickstarter to make its vision a reality.


Uniquely curated with quality and sustainability in mind, Thx Co. products – including apparel, fragrances, soaps, candles, journals, mugs coffee and teas – will be purposely priced so you can give more to a cause you care about, without spending more than you usually would. Thx will allow its shoppers to fully customize their impact by donating any amount they feel like giving to any nonprofit of their choice. With each purchase, customers will select the specific donation they’d like to give and the charity they’d like to support, from a list of over 1.8 million registered nonprofits.


Giving Thanks


To make searching easier, Thx created a cause search bar that will showcase “areas of impact” (like animals, children and education) and a number of featured or trending causes in those specific fields. This feature is designed to revolutionize how traditional “shoppers” give back to charity, all while being the most inclusive social enterprise for amazing small and medium nonprofits to raise funds.


Thx is on a mission to help every nonprofit in every city in America. To do this, it launched a Kickstarter on December 15 to help with final preparations for the launch of their brand.



Brothers and Thx co-founders Ricardo Juan and Ricardo Jose were always taught that helping others is the most important thing a person can contribute in their life. Their dad is an immigrant, a retired Navy veteran and a very patriotic man. As a first generation American family, the brothers and their other siblings were raised with a deep appreciation for America and all that it has to offer. Their dad’s life ambition has always been to help people and now, with Thx, they get to accomplish this together.


Giving Thanks


They’re starting Thx because they believe the products we already use on a daily basis can do a lot more good for the causes we love and support the most. They believe everyone should be able to afford to give back, and that’s why the Thx Co. model allows customers to donate to causes without having to pay high traditional profit markups.


As a social enterprise on a mission to change the way people give to charity, Thx Co. has a big opportunity to make a difference by connecting so many people. They will be able to promote responsible sourcing by working with exceptional suppliers, supporting small and local business, as well as providing critical jobs to at-risk communities whenever possible. By dedicating its mission to raising funds for all charities, Thx Co. will highlight the true spirit of generosity through the incredible impact of America’s nonprofits. And lastly, as a social enterprise, Thx Co. will connect with conscious, cause-minded people who share a desire to do more good.


To learn more about Thx Co., visit their SEA member profile and website. Support their Kickstarter here.

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