A Rising Tide

SEA - A Rising Tide

“When it comes to making an impact, it’s the whole of the movement – the power of the Alliance – that will forge through anything in its path to make the biggest wave.”


Now more than ever, social enterprise needs to stand united as a collective movement to create opportunity for all. By donating to Social Enterprise Alliance, you support our efforts to bring the social enterprise field together, provide it with resources and connections, and educate new audiences about the power of business for good.

In 2016, we forged new paths for social enterprise by launching an exclusive online community, strengthening local SEA chapters, expanding our social media and communications footprint, disseminating resources through webinars and an all-new Knowledge Center, and analyzing the field through a new social enterprise typology.  


Support our efforts in 2017 by donating to Social Enterprise Alliance. Simply click here to set up an account on our website, and then click “Make a Donation.” Your contribution directly supports the development and advancement of the social enterprise movement in the U.S.


Thank you to all the social enterprise supporters who make social change possible through donating, purchasing social enterprise goods and services and spreading the word.


Together, we rise. We create change. We make waves.


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  1. […] to be able to bring this program to more students in the near future. The program lives under the social enterprise umbrella of Rising Tide, designed to bring opportunities for building a variety of skill sets for incarcerated individuals. […]

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