Empowering Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Community Housing Partnership's approach to homelessness

Founded in 1990, Community Housing Partnership (CHP) is a San Francisco based nonprofit whose mission is to help people experiencing homelessness secure housing and become self-sufficient.


As of 2014, there were an estimated 7,000 people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco, 71% of which are estimated to have had housing in the city before becoming homeless.


Community Housing Partnership was developed by a coalition of community leaders and housing organizations in 1989 in response to the homelessness crisis. CHP has since become nationally recognized as evidence-based and cost-effective: pairing permanently affordable housing with onsite support services. Today, Community Housing Partnership achieves their mission by building and operating award-winning affordable, supportive housing that is integrated with a comprehensive portfolio of nationally-recognized supportive programs. These include clinical behavioral health services, case management, and community organizing activities.


Additionally, CHP offers a full-service workforce development and social enterprise program that incorporates job training, transitional employment, job placement, and job retention services with the express intent to place – and advance – marginalized jobseekers in property management and hospitality career pathways. Solutions SF, CHP’s social enterprise, provides around-the-clock, on-call front desk staffing solutions to over 50 multifamily supportive and affordable housing properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Solutions SF is a triple bottom line company. First and foremost, it provides meaningful work for long-term unemployed individuals with significant challenges to employment (e.g. histories of homelessness, system involvement and disabilities), creating self-sufficiency and confidence. Second, it provides a great service for their clients, who had a previously unfilled need for temp-based front desk services. Third, it supports Community Housing Partnership’s revenue stream, allowing the organization to continue to build on their services and programs for homeless and low-income individuals in San Francisco.





As the only San Francisco nonprofit organization specializing in developing and operating supportive housing for individuals and families that have experienced homelessness, Community Housing Partnership (CHP) supports some of San Francisco’s highest-needs individuals and families on their paths towards self-sufficiency. CHP understands the barriers that homeless and housing-insecure individuals and families face. This cultural competence is grounded in the community-based nature of CHP’s formation and its continued commitment to the premise that persons who have experienced homelessness, housing insecurity and marginalization are uniquely equipped to be partners in developing and implementing solutions to these challenges.


Currently, CHP owns, property manages and/or provides services in 16 properties across San Francisco, encompassing over 1,300 homes, with more than 300 units in its development pipeline. On an annual basis, CHP’s scope of activities provides a direct pathway from homelessness to self-sufficiency for more than 1,500 formerly homeless transitional-age youth (aged 18-24), families, seniors and single adults.


26 years later, Community Housing Partnership is truly fulfilling its mission of helping individuals experiencing homelessness to secure stable living situations through program offerings and constant assistance. A 9-year member of SEA, Community Housing Partnership has been able to collect, analyze and implement some of the best practices of other social enterprises, improving and expanding their work every day.



To learn more about Community Housing Partnership, visit their SEA Member Profile, Website, Facebook or Twitter.


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