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social enterprise stories Ebonee shares her experience as part of Pioneer Human Services' aerospace manufacturing apprenticeship.

Social Enterprise Alliance’s Storytelling Initiative

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new storytelling initiative. Each week, we’ll publish the story of an individual who has been directly impacted by an SEA member social enterprise, often in life-changing ways. Watch for new stories on our Facebook and Twitter, or if you can’t wait, read them all at!


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Introducing our first story

By the age of 12, Ebonee was living independently on the streets of Seattle. The need for money, food and shelter drove her into learning the street trade of hustling and surviving.


After being incarcerated, she was sent to a Pioneer Human Services work release and learned that Pioneer Industries hired and trained formerly incarcerated individuals. Ebonee was hired and learned every machine she could get her hands on in the plant. She then applied and was accepted into the aerospace manufacturing apprenticeship.


“I figured if I committed myself to a life of self-destruction in the past, I could now commit myself to a positive lifestyle and conquer this program. When I graduate, I will be the first journeywoman from Pioneer. I feel very blessed to have such an opportunity, and I am really focusing so I can excel.”


In addition to Pioneer’s aerospace manufacturing apprenticeship, Ebonee is in college getting her Bachelor of Applied Science in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She has a 4.0 grade point average so far.


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