Honoring Military Communities on Memorial Day

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Memorial Day may be associated with backyard barbecues, a well-deserved day off or summer’s fast approach, but it’s important to remember the true meaning of the holiday – honoring those we’ve lost in combat while defending our country.


This Memorial Day, the Social Enterprise Alliance team is showcasing three innovative social enterprise members who honor fallen heroes and support those that continue on.

REBOOT Combat Recovery provides trauma healing and counseling to veterans through its clinically informed and faith-based curriculum, which gives veterans and their families the tools to help others as well as themselves. Through a peer led, 12-week combat trauma healing course, REBOOT builds communities of healing that empower participants to rebuild strong character, engage in the community and reclaim leadership roles.


By becoming a member of the REBOOT network, individuals can form their own communities and access a full set of curriculum and leadership training materials. This model not only empowers veterans and their families to be agents of change in their communities, but also serves as a sustainable, mission-aligned way for REBOOT to maximize its impact. There are currently over 20 locations all across the country, with nearly 1,100 adults having gone through the program.


As veterans all across the country remember their fallen comrades on Memorial Day, REBOOT challenges participants to honor those memories through reflecting, healing and supporting others suffering with PTSD. With an 82% graduation rate, and 41% of graduates becoming group leaders themselves, REBOOT is changing the way military communities think through life after loss.


HEAVENDROPt, a social enterprise of Evergreen Life Services, hires individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, sight and hearing disabilities and veterans with disabilities to create and sell products out of recycled military parachutes. Much of the profit from sale of the products purchases more parachutes to continue employment at a competitive wage. HEAVENDROPt donates to veterans organizations including Remember Honor Support, and partners with The Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay.


By recycling used military parachutes, hiring individuals with disabilities, and donating to veterans assistance organizations, HEAVENDROPt makes the most of people, planet and profit to achieve a triple bottom line business. Their products include bracelets, necklaces, pet bandanas, lanyards, glasses cords, super hero children’s capes and more.


HEAVENDROPt products breathe new life into military equipment, providing a livelihood to those facing barriers to employment. In doing so, they offer us a generative way to honor service members’ sacrifices.


Liberty Source, a social enterprise and subsidiary of Digital Divide Data, gives military spouses professional work opportunities through its “on-shore” finance and accounting, human resources, customer care and specialized services. Over 750,000 military spouses have limited flexibility to pursue their own careers. Liberty Source shifts this paradigm, offering them high-skilled, computer-based work that not only improves their earning potential, but also provides them with an environment sensitive to the unique challenges of military families.


Liberty Source employs nearly 120 people on Fort Monroe in southern Virginia, giving them the opportunity to put their education to use and develop professional skills. In addition, clients like AOL and other large enterprises receive quality business services that also fulfill corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Liberty Source honors fallen service members by remembering the people they’ve left behind – family members, friends and spouses – and giving them an opportunity to succeed once again.

Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifices and costs of military service, the heroes we’ve lost and the loved ones who remain in their wake. ReBoot, HEAVENDROPt and Liberty Source offer three unique models to honor those who have fallen and supporting those who have served.

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