The Share SocEnt Challenge

We believe in the transformative power of social enterprise.

We believe social enterprise is a dynamic, growing movement driving progress in justice, compassion and development worldwide. We also believe that, as social entrepreneurs, supporting one another is the best way to accelerate this progress and change the world.

That’s why we have launched our all-new member referral challenge. We want to grow and further support the social enterprise movement, so for every friend you refer who joins SEA, you will be eligible for special promotional opportunities.

Just pass on this link to social enterprise leaders you know who could benefit from joining SEA and invite them to become members today!


The Share SocEnt Challenge Details & Rewards

From March 3 – May 15, 2016, SEA members are encouraged to invite their networks to join SEA. When a new member joins, they will be asked to share who referred them to SEA. At the end of the Challenge, SEA will tally how many new members joined as a result of each member’s referral. Based on the number of successful member referrals, you will receive unique rewards, outlined below.

Eligibility: To participate in The Share SocEnt Challenge, you must have an active Social Entrepreneur, Social Enterprise or Sector Champion membership account with SEA throughout March 3 – May 15, 2016. To determine what membership account you have, simply review your account details by logging into your SEA dashboard here.

Rewards: At the close of the challenge, you will receive one of the following prizes based on the number of successful member referrals:

  • Refer 10 members = 25% discount on your next membership renewal + four month spotlight and logo placement on the homepage of
  • Refer 8 members = 20% discount on your next membership renewal + dedicated mention in the SEA Social Enterprise Scene (SEA’s national newsletter) about your social enterprise or an opportunity your social enterprise is offering.
  • Refer 6 members = 15% discount on your next membership renewal + one Facebook post in one month about your social enterprise on SEA’s Facebook page.
  • Refer 4 members = 10% discount on your next membership renewal + four Tweets in one month about your social enterprise through SEA’s Twitter channel.
  • Refer 2 members = 5% discount on your next membership renewal + one free featured job, event or marketplace item for one month on


Q: When will the rewards be announced?

A: Rewards will be announced by May 20, 2016.


Q: Who should I refer to SEA?

A: Social entrepreneurs and social enterprise practitioners; enthusiasts and supporters of social enterprise; students interested in social enterprise; intermediary organizations that support the work of social enterprise (such as philanthropic institutions, legal, financial and consulting firms, media, academic institutions, etc).


Q: I have an organizational account (Social Enterprise or Sector Champion) with SEA, if I invite my co-workers to join SEA, does that count for this referral challenge?

A: No, your co-workers are part of your membership account and therefore would not be considered a new membership account for SEA. [With that said, you should still invite them to create sub-member accounts with SEA under your organization. To add or delete sub-members, the admin for your organization’s account should log in to the account dashboard and click the “Account” tab in the navigation bar. Under the “Organization” header, click the “Members” button. To delete a sub-member, click the “Delete” button next to that individual’s name. To add sub-members, enter their email address under the “Add Members” header to send an e-invitation. Users will receive an email prompting them to sign up and join the organization’s account on]


Q: What if I became a member after March 3rd but before May 15th, am I eligible to participate in this challenge?

A: Absolutely!

For additional questions, please contact

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