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Be Part of Our Movement Growing Home Wood Street farm Chicago, IL. September 12, 2014. Photo by Andrew Collings.

Change the world through social enterprise. Welcome to SEA.

As the United States’ only membership organization for the diverse field of social enterprise, Social Enterprise Alliance supports a growing community of for-profit and non-profit social enterprises, field builders, academic institutions, students and more. From experienced practitioners to individuals just starting out, SEA brings the sector together, provides valuable resources and support and serves as a national voice for the social enterprise movement.

When it comes to making an impact, it’s the power of our Alliance – the sum total of each constituent piece – that will ensure nothing comes in our way of realizing more effective social change through social enterprise.


Be part of our movement by joining us and experiencing all SEA has to offer:

  • Learn more about social enterprise and SEA on our About page and Knowledge Center.
  • Take your network nationwide by filling out a profile for the Member Directory and connecting with fellow members in our Online Community.
  • Develop your local social enterprise ecosystem by getting involved in an SEA Chapter.
  • Shop social enterprise and give your own work a national platform on the Marketplace.
  • Engage with our community by attending and posting events on our Event Portal.
  • Find meaningful work opportunities and recruit top talent on our Job Board.

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